1115.000.00 Income

1115.040.20 Anticipating Current Year’s Expenses

Anticipate the current year’s expenses by:

  • reviewing any information (dated documents or verbal discussion) available showing the past year’s expenses;
  • discussing with the self-employed EU any changes they expect or can predict in the current year’s expenses through comparison with last year’s records or information;
  • arriving at a mutually agreed upon prediction of the current year’s expenses with the EU based on the above; and
  • process a change if a change is reported or information is received from the EU during the certification period indicating the current year’s expenses differ from those predicted, for reasons such as crop failures, increases or decreases in costs, etc.

If the predication was based on unreported/incorrect information or the eligibility specialist made an error in the budget, action may be necessary on the overissuance or refund.