1115.050.00 Farm Worker Employment Income

1115.050.05.10 Budgeting Procedure for Destitute Household

Use the following budgeting procedures for destitute migrant/seasonal farm workers for the first month of the certification period only.

  1. At initial applications, budget income received between the first of the month and the date the application is filed. Disregard any income from a new source anticipated after the date of application.
  2. At recertifications, disregard income from a new source unless more than $25 is received by the tenth calendar day after the date of the household’s normal issuance cycle.

Migrant/seasonal farm workers who are not destitute are subject to regular budgeting procedures.

EXAMPLE:┬áIncome from a previous grower received on 6/2 is the only source of income for Mrs. A’s migrant household. The new grower will not pay her until 6/18. Mrs. A applies for FS on 6/5. She is considered eligible for expedited services as she will receive no income from this terminated source during the balance of the month of application or not more than the $25 from the new source within ten calendar days. The budget will not show the income from the new source as it will not be received from the first of the month of application and the date of application. Budget the income received on 6/2.