Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual – Table of Contents

1115.035.25.40 Homeless Standard Deduction

IM-144, October 01, 2020; IM-139 September 04, 2020; IM-150 November 14, 2003; IM-1 January 15, 1999

The Homeless Standard Deduction is $156.74 per month.  If the EU is homeless and responsible for any shelter expense, they may be eligible for the Homeless Standard Deduction.  When the EU is marked homeless, the system will compare the expenses entered to the homeless standard deduction to determine which option would be better for the participant.

Example:  A homeless individual with income of $400 per month from odd jobs claims he pays $20 per month to stay at a friend’s house from time to time.  This $20 qualifies the homeless individual to receive the Homeless Standard Deduction.  The standard is more beneficial to the participant than budgeting the $20 payment as rent.

Example:  A homeless individual with $400 per month from odd jobs claims he pays $50 per month towards his friend’s electric bill for heating and cooling where he stays temporarily.  This expense qualifies the participant for the SUA which results in a higher excess shelter deduction than the homeless standard deduction.  The excess shelter deduction is budgeted.