Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1130.010.00 Proration

IM-26 March 19, 2004

Prorate an EU’s benefit level for the initial month of certification from the day of the month it applies for benefits.  Initial month is defined as the first month the EU is certified for participation following any period the EU was not certified for participation.

EXCEPTION: Migrant and seasonal farm worker EUs are entitled to a full allotment rather than a prorated allotment as long as the break in participation does not exceed 30 days.

EXAMPLE: A migrant EU certified through March reapplied on 4/12.  The EU receives a full allotment for April.

Do not prorate benefits when an EU certified for one or two months makes a timely recertification application within the appropriate timeframes.

EXAMPLE: An EU is certified for two months and notified it must reapply by 5/6.  If it reapplies any time before the end of the day on 5/6, the EU is given a full month’s benefits for May, not a prorated issuance.  May is not considered an initial month for this EU.

NOTE: For EUs jointly applying for SSI and FS prior to release from an institution, prorate benefits from the date of release from the institution.

Enter the correct date of application on the Application Request (FM0G) screen.