1130.000.00 Certification Procedures

1130.035.15 Categorically Eligible After Lottery and Gambling Winnings

IM-129 September 29, 2022; IM-73 June 2, 2022; IM-48 April 27, 2021

Section 4009 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, states households that lose eligibility because an individual member received substantial lottery or gambling winnings equal to or greater than the current resource limit for elderly/disabled households will remain ineligible until they meet the income and resource limits.  The next time the household reapplies and is certified for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) after losing eligibility due to lottery or gambling winnings, the household would not be considered Categorically Eligible (CE).  If eligible, the household would need to be certified under regular SNAP rules.

EXAMPLE:  On October 12th, Ms. B won $7,500 by gambling on racehorses.  The current resource maximum for an elderly/disabled household is $4,250. She reported her winnings to the Family Support Division (FSD) on October 15th and her case was closed.  Ms. B’s SNAP household was CE because she receives Child Care (CC) assistance but when she reapplies for SNAP after her winnings are depleted, her household is not considered CE for the following certification period.

NOTE: The redetermination for CE eligibility at re-application is done systematically. 

This is not permanent; it applies only to the first time a household is certified following the loss of eligibility for lottery and gambling winnings.  It does not matter how long it is between the case closing for substantial winnings and re-application, CE rules will not apply in the initial certification period following the winnings.  

EXAMPLE:  Ms. B reapplied on December 9th for SNAP, after her winnings of $7,500 were spent.  Her new certification period is December through the following November.  Following her recertification in November, Ms. B’s SNAP household resumes as CE, if she is still a recipient of CC or otherwise CE.

Refer to the SNAP policy section, 1140.005.46 Lottery and Gambling Winnings, for more information.