Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1130.045.00 Voluntary Withdrawal of Application

IM-26 March 19, 2004

Each applicant has the right to withdraw the request for assistance at any time. If during the interview, it becomes clear that the applicant is ineligible on a specific requirement, discuss and fully explain the pertinent law or regulation and the right to appeal. Explain that verification of ineligibility is not required. This includes need when it is obvious that the applicant’s statement regarding amount of income is sufficient to meet need.

Explain that the application is rejected immediately if the EU is ineligible. Refer to the Authorizing an Action in FAMIS user guide for instructions. If the applicant chooses, he/she may withdraw the request in writing. Reject the application on the basis of withdrawal, using the worker initiated rejection (WIRJ) action code and reason code VOW (voluntary withdrawal). Refer to the user guide Worker Initiated Rejection for instructions. Inform the applicant that a reapplication may be filed at any time.

Record the reason for the rejection on the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen.