1135.000.00 Special Application Procedures

1135.005.25 Group Living Arrangement

IM-93 December 29, 2009; IM-93 September 16, 2004; IM-53 March 23, 2000

Group living arrangement is defined as a public or private non-profit setting that:

  • serves 16 residents or less, (this applies to the individual site rather than all locations of a particular organization); and
  • is licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services under section 1616(e) of the Social Security Act or comparable standards. (This is the RCF-I and RCF-II level of care licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services; a Group Home or the Child Care Agency with 13 to 16 residents licensed by the Family Support Division; or Residential Facilities licensed by the Department of Mental Health. Call IM Program and Policy about any other licensed group living arrangements not listed above.)

A for-profit group living arrangement is not an eligible living arrangement.

To be eligible for Food Stamp benefits, a resident of a group living arrangement must be blind or disabled per the Food Stamp definition of disabled (see 1100.010.00 Definitions).

NOTE: The elderly participant must also meet the disabled criteria to qualify for Food Stamp benefits in the group home.

If the group living arrangement does not meet the above criteria, reject the application using WIRJ with reason ineligible living arrangement (ILA). Refer to the Worker Initiated Rejection user guide for instructions.

Only group homes authorized by FNS as retail food stores may redeem Food Stamp benefits through a wholesale outlet. Group homes not authorized by FNS may purchase food through retail outlets.

Following are the different methods of preparing and serving meals in the group living arrangement.

  • Meals may be prepared and served at a common eating area for residents. The group living arrangement uses Food Stamp benefits to purchase food for communal meals.
  • Meals may be prepared centrally and distributed to residents individually. The home must ensure each resident’s Food Stamp benefits are used for his/her meals.
  • Residents keeping the Food Stamp benefits for their own use may use the benefits to buy prepared meals from the group living arrangement or purchase their own food.

When clearing the address of the group living arrangement, use living arrangement code GH. This living arrangement code allows multiple supercases at the same address. Enter the group living arrangement address as the supercase/residential address. If the individual has a mailing address other than the group living arrangement address, enter the mailing address on Person Detail (FM0I) for that individual.