1135.005.00 Special Meal Programs

1135.005.25.15 Responsibility for Reporting Changes

IM-93 September 16, 2004,  IM-53 March 23, 2000

As for any other EU, the resident of a group living arrangement must report changes in income and EU circumstances. In addition, the organization or institution acting as the authorized representative for resident EUs is responsible for notifying the caseworker of any changes in resident EU income or circumstances, including when a resident leaves the facility.

If the resident applied on his/her own behalf, the resident is responsible for reporting changes.

The group living arrangement provides the county on a monthly or semi-monthly basis with a certified list of currently participating residents. This list includes a signed statement by a responsible center official attesting to the validity of the list.

The organization or institution, if acting as authorized representative, is responsible for any overissuances caused by misrepresentation or fraud committed in the certification of center residents and assumes total liability for food stamp benefits/EBT cards held by request of resident EUs. If the resident applies on s/her own behalf, the resident is liable for any overissuances.