1135.005.00 Special Meal Programs

1135.005.35.05 Eligibility Requirements

IM-70 December 9, 2011; IM-93 September 16, 2004; IM-53 March 23, 2000

Prior to certifying residents in these shelters, determine the shelter for battered women and children meets the definition above. Consider shelters having FNS authorization to use Food Stamp benefits at wholesalers as meeting the definition; no further determination is required.

Many shelter residents recently left an EU containing the person who abused them. Their former EU may be receiving Food Stamp benefits, and its certification may be based on an EU size that includes the woman and children who left.

  • Shelter residents included in such EUs may apply for, and if otherwise eligible, be certified for, Food Stamp benefits as separate EUs if the previously certified EU that includes them is the EU containing the person who subjected them to abuse.
  • Shelter residents included in such certified EUs may receive an additional allotment as a separate EU in the same month only one time.
  • Shelter residents included in such certified EUs that apply after the 15th day of the month and are eligible for expedited benefits, will receive the month of application and the next month’s benefits in one allotment.

When clearing the address for shelter residents, use living arrangement code SW. This living arrangement code allows a PO Box as the supercase/residential address, allows multiple supercases at the same address, and allows duplicate participation for the first month only. Enter the shelter’s address as the supercase/residential address. If the individual has a mailing address other than the shelter address, enter the mailing address on Person Detail (FM0I) screen. Mail will go to the shelter/supercase address rather than the mailing address.