Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1135.010.00 Application by Strikers

IM-108 November 20, 2007; IM-53 March 23, 2000

A striker is defined as anyone involved in a strike or concerted stoppage of work by employees (including a stoppage due to expiration of a collective bargaining agreement) and any combined slowdown or other concentrated interruption of operations by employees.

Examples of non-strikers eligible to participate in the Food Stamp Program include, but are not limited to, employees:

  • whose work place is closed by an employer in order to resist demands of employees (e.g., a lockout);
  • who are unable to work as a result of striking employees (e.g., truck drivers not working because striking newspaper pressmen prevent the newspaper from being printed);
  • not part of the bargaining unit on strike who do not want to cross a picket line due to fear of personal injury or death;
  • fired or permanently replaced while on strike; or
  • who are exempt from work registration for reasons other than employment on the day before the strike.

NOTE: These provisions do not apply to EUs containing a person fired or permanently replaced while on strike.