1135.000.00 Special Application Procedures

1135.020.10 SSA Food Stamp Application Process

IM-53 March 23, 2000

As part of each SSI redetermination and initial application interview, SSA representatives perform the following.

  1. Conduct a pre-application interview.
    1. Determine whether the individual is currently receiving food stamp benefits or applied for them in the previous 30 days and does not have an application pending.
    2. Determine if the individual wishes to apply for food stamp benefits.
    3. Determine if the individual lives in a pure SSI household.
  2. Complete the application.
  3. Screen for expedited services.
  4. Explain applicant’s filing options.
  5. Obtain available evidence (including identity and residence if potential expedited service exists).
    1. Obtain available information housed on SSA records.
    2. Request evidence available at the time of the interview for income, liquid resources, amount of non-reimbursable medical expenses for the month of application for household members age 60 or over or receiving SSI or OASDI.
  6. Prepare transmittal form (SSA-4233).
    1. Summarize on the transmittal sheet which food stamp eligibility factors were verified and which remain to be verified.
    2. Include photocopies of information verified for the Food Stamp Program not retained in SSI files or SSA systems.
    3. Describe any contradictions or discrepancies that remain to be resolved for continued development by the county office.
  7. Complete fraud forms and provide copies to the applicant.
  8. Assemble the food stamp application package (containing the application, relevant evidence, and completed transmittal form) and mail before the close of business the next federal working day after the date the food stamp application was taken by SSA.

SSA staff advise the applicant that SSA does not retain records of the food stamp application and all further contacts relevant to the food stamp application are to be directed to the local FSD office.