1140.000.00 Simplified Reporting

1140.020.10 Mid-Certification Review SNAP/IM Combination Cases

IM-52 May 30, 2013; IM-75 June 20, 2002

When an individual has a mid-certification review (MCR) and a review for another program due at the same time, they will receive both forms in the mail. If the SNAP MCR form is not returned but the review form for the other program is, enter the date the IM review form is received in the SNAP eligibility system. Contact the household to discuss the required review factors for the SNAP MCR. Complete the SNAP MCR, updating information received in the eligibility system. Generate a request for information form for missing or incomplete information needed to finalize the required review factors for the SNAP MCR.

For more information, refer to the SNAP Mid-Certification Review user guide.