1140.000.00 Simplified Reporting

1140.020.15 Mid-Certification Review Recording

IM-52 May 30, 2013; IM-36 April 22, 2010; IM-75 June 20, 2002

When the eligibility factors have not changed, record the date the Mid-Certification Review (MCR) form was received and a statement regarding no changes were reported in a comment in the eligibility system.

EXAMPLE: Mid-Cert Review: Received MCR form on February 1st. Mr. X stated household composition is he and Mrs. X. There are no changes in income and expenses previously budgeted. No further action is needed.

When an eligibility factor changes, record a summary of the review findings in a comment in the eligibility system . Record on the appropriate screens what information changed and details regarding the verification.

EXAMPLE: Mid-Cert Review: Mrs. M completed an MCR form on August 1st and reported a new resource. She received $20,000 in an insurance settlement July 2nd. No other changes reported.

Record on the liquid resource screen: Insurance settlement of $20,000 received and verified by letter from the insurance company sent to Mrs. M, dated July 2nd.