1140.030.10 Curing a QC Sanction

IM-#52 May 30, 2013

The EU may participate in the Food Stamp Program when they have cooperated with the QC review or when the penalty period is exhausted. To cooperate with the QC review, direct the applicant/participant to the appropriate QC reviewer. Contact may be made by calling the QC Reviewer collect or if co-located, the FSD ES can contact the QC worker and inform them of the EU’s desire to cooperate. Follow the instructions in the FAMIS User Guide Quality Control Sanction.

If the EU does not cooperate with the QC review, the EU can reapply for food stamp benefits, but will remain ineligible until after February 2 of the next federal fiscal year.

If the EU applies for benefits in the month in which they comply or applies in February, when the sanction ends, FAMIS will reject the application for the first month, and if otherwise eligible will approve the case for the subsequent month. To issue benefits in the month of application, complete a WIBCA budget, using the date of compliance (if the EU complied) or February 2 (if the sanction is ending) as the prorate date. Refer to the WIBCA FAMIS User Guide for more information.