1141.000.00 Unclear Information

1141.010.05 Deceased Matches

IM-09 January 20, 2023

In order to ensure SNAP benefits are not issued to deceased individuals, the eligibility system compares information about each SNAP household member with the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Master Death File.

When a member of a SNAP household is matched as someone who is possibly deceased, the agency must send a Notice of Match Result (NOMR) to the household. The NOMR must allow sufficient time for the household to provide proof or clarification of the situation prior to any action being taken on the case.

For deceased matches, the NOMR must clearly explain what information the household must provide, the consequences of failing to respond to the notice, and allow 10 days for the household to respond. If the household does not respond to the NOMR or does respond but fails to provide enough information to clarify its circumstances, the eligibility system will issue a notice of adverse action (NOAA), remove the matched individual from the household and adjust benefits accordingly, or close the case.

Note: An entire SNAP case should not be closed for failing to respond to a deceased match unless the individual from the deceased match is the only household member or the matched member is the head of the SNAP household.

Follow manual section 1142.010.00 Claims Process as appropriate.