0130.010.00 Customer Service Complaints and Comments

0130.010.15.15 When Complaints Cannot Be Resolved at the Local Office Level

If the claimant is not satisfied with the resolution of their issue, and/or they wish to file a written report of their complaint, provide them with the Customer Service Form (FSD-4).

Receiving Customer Submissions

  1. The FSD-4 Customer Service Form provides Family Support Division (FSD) customers with a consistent process to submit a comment, complaint, or compliment and receive administrative resolution and/or response.

    NOTE: Customers may use the FSD-4 Customer Service Form to submit a comment, complaint, or compliment for any Family Support Division service.

    FSD will address complaints and attempt to resolve concerns regarding customer service and benefit case actions.

  2. FSD field offices will provide the FSD-4 Customer Service Form to all customers requesting to make a written statement. The form is also available on the agency website:  https://dssmanuals.mo.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/fsd-4-customer-service.pdf
    • If a customer wishes to submit a complaint or make a written statement or comment, staff will advise the customer of the availability of the FSD-4 Customer Service Form on the internet, and promptly provide or mail a copy of the form to the customer, if requested.

Responding to a Submission

  1. As directed on the form, customers will submit the FSD-4 Customer Service Form to the FSD Customer Relations Unit. If a FSD office directly receives an FSD-4 Customer Service Form, the office will scan and email by the next business day to: fsd.cru@dss.mo.gov and shred original after confirmation that scan was received.
  2. Receipt of the FSD-4 Customer Service Form will be documented and distributed to the appropriate person for review.
  3. Upon receiving the FSD-4 Customer Service Form, the Customer Relations Unit will:
    1. For complaints:
      1. Compile documentation relating to the complaint;
      2. Investigate and research the complaint;
      3. Complete a summary of his/her findings; and
      4. Provide an appropriate response to the customer.
    2. For comments and compliments:
      1. Investigate and/or review the submission;
      2. Take appropriate action, if necessary; and
      3. Provide an appropriate response to the customer
      4. Employee compliments will be forwarded to the employee and their immediate Supervisor. The Supervisor will document the compliment on the employee’s performance log.
    3. Track and maintain documentation on all FSD-4 Customer Service Form submissions. Tracking will allow FSD managers to identify customer service trends.
    4. Identified customer service trends may require the development of a plan for improvement. Development of these plans will be assigned, reviewed, and approved by the Director’s Designated Principal Assistant, Deputy Director or his/her designee.