Hearings Manual

0130.020.70.25 FSD Witness

The FSD must designate a staff member to represent the FSD in the fair hearing. This staff person may be referred to as the FSD or agency witness. In most fair hearings, the FSD witness will be a member of the FSD Hearings Unit. The FSD Hearings unit does not act as the FSD witness when:

  • The hearing request is for a Gateway case, MO HealthNet services, or a LIHEAP case.

NOTE: Texas County Spend Down Unit does the hearings related to bills not qualifying to meet the spend down amount.

The FSD witness:

  • May confer with the EU and/or the EU’s representative(s) to attempt to resolve the issue prior to the hearing.
  • May discuss the issue with the supervisor, manager, worker who took the action, or the appropriate Program and Policy unit, and anyone else who may be able to assist in the preparation of the case for hearing.
  • Must not discuss the case with the hearings officer who will preside over the hearing.