0107.000.00 Administrative Procedures

0107.005.05 Authorized Access List (AAL)

IM-38 April 25, 2012

An Authorized Access List (AAL) can be maintained for individuals who have a frequent and continuing need to enter areas containing federal tax information (FTI), but are not assigned to the area (i.e. vendors, cleaning crew, etc.).

The Authorized Access List should contain the following information:

  • Current month;
  • Name of the visitor;
  • Company/Division the visitor works for; and
  • A brief description of the purpose of the visit.

Each month a new AAL should be posted at the front desk and those individuals should be required to sign-in on their first visit of the month. They should not be required to make an entry in the Standard Visitor Log or on the AAL on recurring visits during the month.

If identity is in question of any individual, the entry control clerk (receptionist) should verify the identity prior to permitting entry to the facility.