EBT Manual

0150.015.20 Surcharges

IM-94 September 20, 2004

Cash households must be advised that ATMs or retailers may charge an additional fee (surcharges) for cash. This surcharge is different from a transaction fee. A warning notice is posted on the machine or may appear on the screen indicating that a surcharge is charged on a particular machine. The participant has the option to continue the transaction or go to another ATM or POS that does not charge a fee. If there is a report by a participant that they were charged a surcharge and there was no notice posted, the caseworker should report the business name and location to the Program and Policy Unit. The best way for participants to avoid the above fees is have cash benefits direct deposited into a bank account (see 0150.005.00 Direct Deposit). If they do not have a bank account, instruct them on how to obtain one.