EBT Manual

0150.015.30 Procedure to Resolve Debiting Errors

IM-94 September 20, 2004

Emphasize to the participant that s/he should be observant and aware of the transactions as they take place. If possible, discrepancies or mistakes should be discussed with the store clerk/manager or bank personnel at the time they occur. Problems discovered later must be resolved through the eFunds Help Desk.

Refer participants reporting an account debited twice for the same purchase, misdispenses, or other debiting errors, for either food stamps or cash benefits, to eFunds. The number is 800-997-7777. Explain to the participant that only eFunds can handle debiting problems and that the head of household must call immediately.

Once this type of error is reported, it is eFunds’ responsibility to investigate and resolve the problem. Resolution should be accomplished within 10 days. Only eFunds can resolve these problems. The Agency does not restore benefits. EFunds notifies the participant in writing of the results of their investigation. If eFunds determines a debiting error did occur, eFunds notifies the participant in writing and the amount is deducted from the vendor’s account and returned to the participant’s account. If eFunds determines a debiting error did not occur, the Program and Policy Unit notifies the participant in writing. If the household does not agree with the determination, the household can request a fair hearing.

When a member of the household, other than the head of household, needs to report a debiting error or similar problem, take the following action to ensure prompt service to our participants.

  • When the household member contacts FSD, staff must discuss the situation and request a phone number at which the participant can be reached.
  • FSD staff going through appropriate supervisory channels must contact Program and Policy in Central Office. Provide the participant’s identifying information, phone number, and problem.
  • Policy staff verify the participant is a member of the household and assist the participant in contacting the eFunds Help Desk.

Retailers reporting a debiting error must be referred to the Retailer Help Line. The number is 800-831-5235.