0150.020.00 Client Maintenance File Information

0150.020.10.05 Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Application procedures for individuals residing in a drug and alcohol treatment center are found in the Food Stamp Manual (1135.005.15 Residents of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers). A representative of the center will make application for food stamps on behalf of the participant. The center is not an authorized representative to use the benefits unless designated as such by the participant. The EBT card should remain in the participant’s possession, unless the participant requests otherwise. Centers which have been authorized as FNS retailers for food stamps will have POS devices in their buildings. If a center is not an authorized FNS retailer, the participant will not be able to use an EBT card to pay for meals at the center. The State agency is responsible to conduct periodic random onsite visits to assure the list of participants from the drug and alcohol treatment centers are correct and benefits are being used as intended.