0150.020.00 Client Maintenance File Information

0150.020.10.10 Public Administrators, Guardians, and Conservators

Public Administrators are elected officials acting as guardian of an individual and/or conservator of the estate. Discuss with the guardian and/or conservator at initial interview, the use and security of the EBT card. The EBT card is mailed to the guardian or conservator, and based on his/her knowledge of the participant, a decision will be made as to who will have access to the participant’s benefits. If the participant keeps control of the EBT card, the guardian or conservator can opt to be an authorized representative and obtain an EBT card to access benefits in behalf of the participant. The public administrator, guardian, or conservator’s last name appears on the card, followed by the last name and first initial of the participant. The address of the public administrator, guardian, or conservator is used, but the date of birth and social security number of the participant is used.

If the guardian resides in a different county from the applicant, choose an authorized representative who lives in the same county as the applicant.