EBT Manual

0150.030.10 Canceling an EBT Card

IM-94 September 20, 2004

There may be situations when an EBT card needs to be canceled and reissued. It is very important the participant is aware s/he will be unable to access benefits until s/he receives the new card.

Cancel the card immediately when the participant reports the card is lost or stolen. Discuss when a good time is to cancel the card if it is damaged. Allow the participant to use available benefits before canceling the card. Stress the importance of replacing a damaged card. It is more convenient and less time consuming to have a working card.

A new card is required when a name change occurs. A replacement card must be issued reflecting the name change. Be sure the participant understands the option to continue using the EBT card until the current month’s benefits are used.

Cancel the EBT card when the head of the EU (payee) has changed. Do not reissue the card through EBTU, unless the code is used in error or if the participant becomes payee again.