EBT Manual

0150.050.05 Voluntary Repayment Using Benefits in the EBT Account

IM-94 September 20, 2004

Participants are able to use available cash and food stamp benefits in the EBT account to repay benefits to the state. This transaction is completed through the Administrative Terminal after the applicant has signed an IM-114. County offices must designate an appropriate number of staff to have access to this transaction.

Cash benefits can only be used to pay cash claims and overissuances. Food stamp benefits can only be used to pay food stamp claims and overissuances. The system does not allow one program to repay the other. If a participant receives more benefits than entitled to and wants to repay the benefit to avoid the lengthy claim process, ask the participant to sign the Voluntary Repayment Authorization form, IM-114.

If a voluntary repayment transaction is completed and there is no claim on file, the transaction will not post. Program and Policy staff will contact county staff to determine why no claim is established. Once the claim is established, the payment will post.

If the designated person for your county is not available for several days to complete the voluntary repayment transaction, fax the IM-114 to the Program and Policy Unit in State Office. The fax number is 573-522-4333.