General Information Manual

0150.065.10 Deleting or Replacing an Alternate Payee

IM-94 September 20, 2004

FSD staff must delete or replace an alternate payee when requested to do so by the participant. eFunds staff do not have access to EBTU.

When an alternate payee is deleted or replaced, the card must be canceled.

  • On the Search screen in the Administrative Terminal, enter the head of household’s DCN and press search. The case maintenance screen appears. Select (highlight) the alternate payee’s name in the client information box and click the card button at the bottom of the screen. Cancel the card by changing the card status to deactivated/canceled. Click the F9: Save button. Access the EBTU screen in production and enter the head of household DCN (EBTU space DCN). Press the PF9 key to obtain the EBT4 Update Screen for authorized representative/protective payee information.
  • To delete an alternate payee, enter “D” in the action field and “Y” in the Deactivate field.
    • Press enter. The system responds with a message asking to verify the information, press the F3 key. This action deletes the alternate payee from the system in an overnight batch process.
  • To replace an alternate payee, enter the action code “C” to change the payee and enter the new individual’s information.
    • Enter a “Y” in the Deactivate field and a “Y” in the Reissue Card field.
    • Press enter. This alerts the system of the change and issues a card to the new individual.