0130.005.00 Confidentiality

0130.005.10.35 Privacy Notices

Individuals have a right to receive the DSS Notice of Privacy Practices Regarding Your Protected Health Information form. Staff must provide the notice at the initial application and whenever a client requests the form. County offices must make the notice available so an individual can request and obtain a copy. Offices must also post the notice in a clear and prominent location.

Staff must provide the Notice of Privacy Practices to individuals effective April 14, 2003 and then thereafter by:

  • providing a copy upon an individual’s request; AND
  • providing a copy at the time a person applies; AND
  • posting the notice in each office in a clear and prominent location; AND
  • making the notice available at each office so an individual can request and obtain a copy.

HIPAA establishes procedures on when material revisions occur and the frequency on when clients must be notified of the availability of the notices. Staff will be notified how FSD will comply with these requirements.

The privacy notice will also be posted on the DSS internet web site.