0130.005.00 Confidentiality

0130.005.10.45 Verifying the Identity and the Authority of the Requestor

Staff must ensure that PHI is not improperly released. To avoid this, verify the requestor’s identity. Ensure that the person has the proper authority to obtain the PHI. If the client is unknown to the FSD employee who is releasing the information, require the client to verify his or her identity

Examples of written verification that may verify identity and purpose of the request include proof of government status (a badge, identification card, etc.), a request on government letterhead, a copy of conservator/guardian’s court appointment, an order from the Probate Court, and correspondence from a medical facility.

For telephone calls, staff may have to call the party back. Before returning the call, verify the number through the phone directory e.g., verifying the pharmacy’s telephone number when staff receives a call to confirm Medicaid eligibility on a client who needs to fill a prescription.

If staff has questions about the request, call the client to confirm that the contact or request for information is for Medicaid purposes and release is acceptable with the client.