Verification Requirements Manual (for MO HealthNet & Adult Cash Assistance Programs)

0110.010.00 Age/Relationship

Verification of age and relationship of a child to their parent/caretaker should be obtained by viewing IBTH for all applicants/recipients born in Missouri. It is appropriate to accept the applicant’s statement, unless questionable, for anyone born outside Missouri.

For programs that require a person to be of a certain age (over 18, over 21, under 21, over 65, under 65, etc.) accept the claimant’s statement unless questionable. Verification of the Social Security number by the system is acceptable verification of age. If age is a critical factor of eligibility for a program and the claimant’s statement is questionable further documentation must be obtained. Documents of almost any kind which state the age of the claimant at a given date may be accepted as verification, provided they appear to be authentic.