0110.000.00 Verification Requirements for MO HealthNet and Adult Cash Assistance Programs

0110.025.15 Projecting Income

Need determination is based on a projection of gross monthly income the assistance group is expected to receive from the date of application or reinvestigation forward. If income is received other than monthly, convert it to a monthly amount.

To arrive at a monthly amount:

  • Projected weekly income – Multiply by 4.333.
  • Projected biweekly income (received every two weeks) – Multiply by 2.166.
  • Projected semimonthly income (received twice a month) – Multiply by 2.
  • Projected quarterly income – Divide by 3.
  • Projected semiannual income – Divide by 6.
  • Projected annual income – Divide by 12.
  • Income that starts or stops while the application is pending – Use actual income for the month the income starts, and project for future months.
  • Entire pay period is missed but employment situation remains the same – Use actual income for the month in which the pay period is missed. Project for future months.

Verification and recording must clearly show how the projected income was determined.