0110.025.00 Income

0110.025.15.05 Projecting Earned Income

Earned income is subject to many variables. Consider all factors which could affect the income projection. To project earned income:

  • Review the eligibility statement and wage verification provided to determine the amount of earned income the assistance group will receive in present and future months.
  • For each source of earned income, use the client’s eligibility statement and wage verification for the past thirty days to evaluate:
    • How often the individual is paid (weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly)
    • Gross income per pay period
    • Rate of pay
    • Recent changes in hours worked or rate of pay
    • Income fluctuations caused by
      • Fluctuating work hours
      • Overtime
      • Commissions
      • Bonuses
      • Shift differentials
      • Tips