Electronic Verification System (EVS) Manual

0110.060.45 Electronic Verification System Responses Received After the Eligibility Determination

IM-165 December 9, 2020

Many of the Electronic Verification System (EVS) data sources utilized at the time of application are accessed through a portal that provides immediate access to the information.  Accuity, which provides asset verification, can take 10-15 days to complete the data match, and financial institutions may return results to the portal up to 90 days after the request was submitted. Late EVS responses are responses that are received after an eligibility decision has been made. For some cases, MO HealthNet (MHN) eligibility may have been authorized or denied before a bank response is received through the EVS. Staff are required to review, and may have to act on, account information that is provided after an eligibility determination has been made.