Independent Living Rehabilitation Policy Manual

ILR – Chapter 3


The Independent Living Plan (ILP) will be initiated after certification of eligibility unless the client, or as appropriate, the client’s parent, guardian or other representative, knowingly and voluntarily signs a waiver stating that an ILP is not necessary.

An ILP will be jointly developed and signed by the staff member and the client, or as appropriate, the client’s parent, guardian or other representative.  Client will be moved to status 18 and a copy of the ILP and any amendments will be provided to the client, or as appropriate, the client’s parent, guardian or other representative, in an accessible format.

The ILP will place primary emphasis on the determination and achievement of independent living goal(s) and/or objective(s) consistent with the client’s capacities and abilities.  The staff member will ensure that ILR services are provided in accordance with the ILP.

The ILP will include, but is not limited to, statements concerning:

    1. The service goal(s)/objective(s) established;
    2. The specific services to be provided; 
    3. The anticipated duration of service provision;

For a client with a signed waiver, the above will be documented in the case file.

The staff member will ensure that an ILP is initiated and periodically updated for each client.  Each ILP initiated will be reviewed and the client’s progress will be assessed as frequently as necessary but at least once annually to determine whether services should be continued, modified or discontinued, or whether the client should be referred to any other program.  If the client is referred to a vocational rehabilitation program, the ILR case will be closed prior to referral.

The ILP will be amended when there is a significant change that warrants the addition or deletion of a service goal/objective.  Changes in goal(s)/objective(s) and/or services will be considered significant.

The client or as appropriate, the client’s parent, guardian or other representa­tive, must be given an opportunity to review the program and, if necessary, jointly redevelop and agree by signature to these terms.

The client will be informed of his/her rights and the means by which the client may express and seek remedy for any dissatisfaction including the opportunity for a review of the state unit action.

The client will be provided a detailed explanation of the availability of the resources within the Client Assistance Project (CAP) established under Section 112 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.


When ILR services are being provided under Title VII-A to a client who is also eligible for services through the Developmental Disabilities Act of 1984 and/or individuals with Disabilities Education Act (formerly the Education for Handicapped Children’s Act), the ILP is prepared in coordination with the appropriate developmental disability, mental health and/or educational agency.  The case file will document relevant elements of the Individualized Habilitation Plan (IHP), the Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) and/or Individualized Educational Program (IEP) for that individual.