0805.000.00 Eligibility

0805.020.10 Deeming Parental Resources

IM-94 June 11, 2019; IM-48 August 7, 2018

If the disabled child meets the definition of living in the home with a natural or adoptive parent, deem the entire amount of the parent’s available resources to the child.  If there is a stepparent in the home, consider the full value of available resources owned jointly by the parent and stepparent.  Do not consider the value of resources owned solely by the stepparent.

EXCEPTION:  DO NOT deem the available resources of the parent if the parent or spouse of the parent is receiving MA (non-spenddown).

To determine the parents’ available resources follow the instructions in Section 1030.000.00 Available Resources (OAA and PTD) on what is included as an available resource.  All resources that would be considered available if the parent were the applicant are deemed, with the exception of retirement accounts.  For the purpose of deeming resources to disabled children, exclude retirement accounts (individual retirement accounts (IRA), 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, Keogh plans, pension plans, etc.) that belong to their parents.

Add the deemed resources to the child’s available resources.  If the total is less than the individual resource limit, the child is eligible on the factor of available resources.  If the total exceeds the individual resource limit, the child is ineligible.

Refer to MHABD Appendix J for the current resource maximums.