0810.010.15 Meeting Spend Down With Incurred Expenses

0810. Verification of DHSS Medical Expenses

IM-28 March 16, 2012

Obtain the following documentation for the DHSS services, not covered by Medicare or other third-party insurance, that are allowed as incurred expenses for spend down:

  • Name and DCN of the MO HealthNet participant
  • Name of service provider
  • Date the service was provided
  • Service provided
  • Charge of service on the date it was provided
  • Copy of care plan or similar contract

There is not a required format, but it needs to include all of the above information.

The date a medical expense is incurred is the date the individual receives the service, not the date of the bill or the date a bill is paid. The service provided should show CDS. A copy of the care plan is needed to verify the units of care the DHSS has authorized.