0810.000.00 MO HealthNet Coverage

0810.040.20 Eligibility Determination (Division of Senior Services)

If the initial request is received through the Division of Senior Services, the Senior Services worker will:

  1. Inform the claimant of the necessity for Title XIX eligibility.
  2. Contact the FSD worker, by using the (IM-54) Referral for Services form, requesting an application for Medical Assistance or one of the cash programs.
    • If the claimant is found to be ineligible for Title XIX services, the Senior Services worker will explore other resources.
  3. Complete an Intake/Screening (DA-1).
  4. Secure a Physician’s Certification (DA-11).
  5. Secure an Authorization for Services (DA-4).
  6. Notify the IM worker of any changes of circumstances affecting the claimant’s eligibility, on an ongoing basis.