MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) Manual

Appendix A – Vendor Nursing Facilities

Accessing Vendor Numbers for Licensed Nursing Homes

MEDICAID PROVIDER LIST SCREEN (MPRT) provides vendor listings for nursing home facilities. To access information for homes in a specific county, enter MPRT, space and enter 10 followed by the three-digit county code for the county in which the provider is located.

EXAMPLE: MPRT 10001 provides a listing of the names and vendor numbers of nursing homes participating in MO HealthNet in Adair County. MPRT 10115 provides names and vendor numbers of nursing homes participating in St Louis City.

The DVN (Department Vendor Number) is a required entry on the Facility and Placement Information Details screen for requests for vendor benefits in the eligibility system. The DVN field has the capability to allow the user to prompt =F4 for a list of facilities on the Select Facility Resource screen, if the DVN cannot be located using this method, it is acceptable to check MPRT or contact the facility for the vendor number and enter it in the DVN field manually. See the Facility and Placement Information Details user guide.


Changing a Facility Address

Updating the Resource Information screen in the eligibility system has no impact on the address that MO HealthNet Division (MHD) has, nor does it impact the address used to send the facility FA-465’s. Notices from the eligibility system sent to vendors are strictly based on the address displayed in the Vendor system.

To change the address associated with a vendor number, the facility has to complete a Provider Update Request and fax it to the MHD Provider Enrollment Unit at 573-634-3105. All questions regarding provider request and general questions must be communicated by email to


Resolving Vendor Billing Issues

FSD must be responsive to the needs of our providers. When vendor facilities contact the local office with billing issues review the eligibility system to ensure that the participants’ surplus amounts and eligibility dates are correct by viewing the Medicaid Category History (MEDHIST, FM4L) screen for each individual. If the information is not accurate it must be corrected as soon as possible. These are priority actions that must be completed the same or the next business day. Worker Initiated Budget Calculations may need to be completed to change coverage types or eligibility dates.

If the information in the eligibility system is correct, but the provider is having difficulty getting the billing completed, FSD should refer the provider to the MHD Provider Relations call center at 573-751-2896. Providers with multiple issues related to level of care or surplus missing/incorrect on their Medicaid Management Information System Remittance Advice should ask the call center to send this as a “referral” because of multiple issues. The referral will be sent to MHD Provider Communications Unit, and that unit will contact the facility to resolve the issues. The mailing address is Provider Communications Unit, P.O. Box 5500, Jefferson City, MO 65102. Staff from the MHD Provider Communications unit will respond to the facility. Routing provider inquiries to the appropriate unit will expedite resolving their billing concerns.