0820.000.00 Eligibility Based on Receipt of HCB Waiver Services

0820.030.15 Income and Budgeting

IM-64 March 29, 2019; IM-02 January 17, 2019; IM-41 May 7, 2012; IM-10 January 29, 1993; IM-117 December 8, 1992

Eligibility for HCB is based on gross income. When the gross monthly income of the HCB individual is at or below the HCB income maximum (see Appendix E – HCB Income Maximums), the individual is eligible on the factor of income. Only the income of the individual is considered. Do not include the income of the spouse or any other household member.

The total of gross earned income and gross unearned income is compared to the HCB income maximum. The $20 personal income exemption does not apply to HCB income determinations.

NOTE: If the individual is participating in a valid Qualified Income Trust (QIT)/Miller Trust under 42 U.S.C. 1396p(d)(4)(B), the amount of income being deposited into the trust is excluded from income consideration for the HCB participant’s determinations. It is not excluded from consideration for any programs other than the QIT.

The HCB income standard is absolute. Individuals cannot spend down to become eligible under HCB criteria. If the individual’s income is greater than the HCB income maximum, determine eligibility for MHABD spenddown, using regular MHABD procedures.

NOTE: If there have been changes in income, complete a separate computation for each month.