0820.030.20 Available Resources

0820. Entry Into a MO HealthNet Certified Bed

As noted in section 1030.035.10 Overview of the Division of Assets of the December 1973 Eligibility Requirements Manual, an assessment of assets is completed for the month in which the first continuous period of institutionalization begins. If the HCB spouse enters a MO HealthNet certified bed after the assessment of assets has been completed, a new assessment is not required. The month of assessment would be the EARLIER of:

  • The first continuous period in a MO HealthNet certified bed beginning after September 30, 1989 OR
  • The first continuous receipt of HCB waiver services after December 31, 1992.

A new assessment of assets is also not required if the non-HCB spouse enters a MO HealthNet certified bed. In these cases, the non-HCB waiver spouse becomes the institutionalized spouse, and the HCB waiver spouse becomes the community spouse.