0825.000.00 Eligibility Based on Receipt of Missouri’s Children With Developmental Disabilities (MOCDD) Waiver Services

0825.030.30 Medical Need and Authorization for MOCDD Waiver Services

IM-21 February 7, 2019

MOCDD waiver services are extended to individuals who, in the absence of the waiver, would require ICF/MR care. Therefore, the individual must require a level of care provided by an ICF/MR.

The DMH determines if an individual requires an ICF/MR level of care and the need for MOCDD waiver services. To be eligible for MO HealthNet, the MOCDD individual must be authorized by the DMH to receive MOCDD waiver services. The date of MO HealthNet eligibility under these criteria cannot be prior to the date of the DMH approval.

The DMH will furnish the initial date of eligibility for ICF/MR level of care and eligibility for waiver services with the application packet.

Assigned FSD staff will make entries in FAMIS on the Missouri Children with Developmental Disabilities Info (MOCDD/FMJ8) screen. This screen is currently not accessed during the controlled flow, so staff will access this screen in maintenance mode upon completion of the controlled flow, by typing FMJ8 or MOCDD on the FAMIS command line. A user guide, Adding MOCDD Coverage, is available. Upon completion of the screen, staff will complete an eligibility resolution (EDRES), and review coverage recommendations.