MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) Manual

0840.000.00 Annual Renewals and Change in Circumstance

IM-22 April 11, 2024; IM-24 March 22, 2023

Annual Renewals

Annual renewals for MO HealthNet are required once every 12 months per 42 CFR 435.916. Annual renewals are completed to ensure participants remain eligible for coverage.

Change in Circumstance

Participants may report changes at any time and changes may have an impact on eligibility. When one or more changes occur, evaluate the effect of the change(s) on the case and complete a new eligibility determination. Changes may include but are not limited to: marriage, address changes, or changes in income or resources.

Continuous Eligibility for Children (CEC)

Continuous Eligibility for Children (CEC) must be applied to eligible participants under the age of 19. Changes cannot be acted on during the 12-month CEC period if the change causes ineligibility or a negative change in eligibility. Each new CEC period begins at annual renewal. Refer to section 1805.070.00 Continuous Eligibility for Children (CEC) located in the MAGI Manual.