0840.000.00 Reviews and Interim Activities

0840.010.30 Decrease in Spend Down Amount

IM-126 October 3, 2002; IM-106 September 10, 2002

If a change results in the claimant’s spend down amount decreasing, DMS will adjust the amount of the spend down in their system for the month following the month the change is entered in the IMU5 system. The amount on the MPNI will be reduced for that month, but a new invoice will not be mailed. If the claimant pays in the new lower amount DMS will activate coverage for the month. If the claimant pays in the amount on the original invoice, DMS will activate coverage and refund the difference.

If the change should have taken effect earlier than the month following the month it was entered in the IMU5 system and the claimant has paid-in, the county will need to send documentation to the Income Maintenance Policy Unit.

On cases meeting spend down with bills, take the following action after entering the change in IMU5:

  • Re-examine the bills submitted for the months the spend down should have been lower
  • If the change results in the claimant meeting spend down earlier in the month or with a lower liability on the same day, use the MSPU screen to enter the corrected information