0850.000.00 Individuals Qualifying Under Section 1619 of the Social Security Act

0850.005.05 SSA 1619b Status

IM-29 May 13, 2024

The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines who meets SSA 1619b eligibility criteria. SSA will notify the participant when eligibility exists for 1619b status, however, this notice is not verification of an approval for 1619b. The participant is required to follow-up with SSA to participate in the 1619b program and to provide information requested by SSA before approval or denial can be determined by SSA. 

When a participant notifies Family Support Division (FSD) they have been approved for SSA 1619b status, request a copy of the award letter from the participant to verify the approval date.  FSD staff will determine if the individual received Medicaid in the month immediately preceding the month 1619b status was obtained.  

If the participant is unable to provide the award letter, FSD staff should assist the participant with verifying 1619b approval status.