MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) Manual – Table of Contents

0855.005.40.05 GROSS INCOME LIMIT

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Refer to Appendix J MHABD Standards for the current TWHA gross income maximums.  Individuals cannot spend down to obtain this coverage. Individuals with income above the gross monthly income maximum are not eligible for TWHA.

Include as income:

  • The individual’s gross income, both earned and unearned; and,
  • The spouse’s gross income, both earned and unearned.

To arrive at gross income, overhead expenses of producing income are deducted and income exclusions are allowed for the MO HealthNet program as outlined in Sections 0805.015.15 and 0805.015.10.

NOTE: Exclude any income earned by individuals eligible for certified extended employment at a sheltered workshop. The exclusion applies to income earned at both a sheltered workshop and a different employer when the individual is certified for extended employment at a sheltered workshop.