0860.005.00 Eligibility Requirements

0860.005.15.05 QDWI Income Standard

IM-49 March 21, 2019; IM-30 April 19, 2018; IM-30 March 29, 2017; IM-26 May 9, 2016; IM-22 March 20, 2015; IM-17 March 21, 2014; IM-26 March 11, 2013; IM-20 March 13, 2012; IM-16 March 14, 2011; IM-13 March 5, 2009; IM-22 March 7, 2008; IM-26 March 23, 2007; IM-28 March 17, 2006; IM-22 March 17, 2005; IM-28 March 19, 2004

The QDWI income standard is absolute. An individual cannot spend down to become eligible.

Include in the assistance group the participant and the participant’s spouse (if living together). Dependent children are not considered in the assistance group.

NOTE: For married couples living together, include both in the assistance group even if the spouse is receiving another type of assistance. Exclude all income of the spouse from Temporary Assistance, SP, SAB and SNC grants. Include the spouse’s BP grant in determining QDWI eligibility. If the participant is receiving another type of assistance, s/he is NOT QDWI eligible.