MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) Manual

0860.010.00 Application Processing (QDWI)

Enter the application in the name of the applicant for “W” type of assistance. Only one individual may be registered on a “W” type of assistance. Register a separate application for each spouse if both apply for QDWI benefits.

All regular IM application procedures apply. The use of the IM-1 and IM-2 or IM-1MA, and availability of fair hearings is the same as for any other adult Medicaid program. Instruct the client to complete pages 1-7 of the IM-2.

Take the following steps to approve a case for QDWI:

  1. Contact the IM Program and Policy Unit in State Office requesting verification of SSA QDWI status and the date of the change to premium Part A.
  2. Determine eligibility factors.
  3. Complete an IM-30A for determining initial eligibility based on need.
  4. Record whether the applicant is eligible for any other type of assistance.
  5. Determine prior quarter coverage, if applicable.
  6. Complete the IMU5 entries:
    • The “W” Type of Assistance;
    • The claimant’s address;
    • The reason for opening code “08”;
    • The claimant’s Social Security Claim Number;
    • A “Y” In Field 13M 1 and the beginning date of coverage in Field 13M 2;
    • Information from the IM-30A; and
    • Other entries needed for approval.

If ineligible, reject the application using the appropriate rejection code.