0865.010.00 Eligibility Requirements

0865.010.05.05 Verification of Part A

Verify Part A through the IIVE process. Make an entry in the HIR field to assure receipt of Hospital Insurance entitlement information on the IIVE printout. The IIVE printout shows both Medicare Part A and Part B entitlement with effective dates, under the heading “Medicare Data”. Part A is shown as “Hospital Insurance”. Use this information as verification of Part A entitlement. A Medicare card, in itself, does not verify current Part A coverage.

If the claimant has provided a Medicare card and the IIVE response printout does not show Medicare eligibility, DO NOT DENY QMB ELIGIBILITY solely on this basis. Recheck the number from the card with the entries on the IIVE inquiry. If the card and the entries on the IIVE response agree, complete an IM-76 to send to the Social Security office requesting Medicare information. If this procedure does not resolve the discrepancy, allow the claimant an opportunity to provide further verification of current Medicare Part A eligibility.