0870.000.00 Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLMB1) and Qualifying Individuals (SLMB2)

0870.020.05 Beginning Date of SLMB Coverage

Unlike the QMB program, SLMB applicants are approved for the month of application if eligible. Additionally, SLMB applicants may be approved for prior quarter coverage if all eligibility criteria including income are met.

A claimant cannot receive SLMB coverage if his/her income is under the QMB maximums. For example, if the claimant is determined SLMB eligible for the current month and ongoing, but had income under the income limits for QMB in the prior quarter, do not give SLMB coverage for prior quarter, or other months prior to beginning of QMB coverage.

Likewise, when income increases or decreases causing a change from one SLMB group to another, the beginning date of the new group coverage should not overlap the end of the previous coverage.

NOTE: For the begin date of a case switching from QMB to SLMB, see procedures under QMB to SLMB Cases.