0870.020.00 Application Processing (SLMB)

0870.020.10.05 SLMB Only

Take the following steps to approve SLMB only cases:

  • Register a SLMB application by placing an “X” next to “SLMB” type of assistance from IAPP. This will appear as an “L” type of assistance in the IM database. Remember: If the claimant does not already have a pending QMB application or receive QMB, take a QMB application when taking a SLMB application.
  • Determine ineligibility for QMB.
  • Determine eligibility for SLMB on all factors including income.
  • Approve using the “L” type of assistance and action code “08” in Field 5 of IMU5.
  • Report SLMB eligibility as “L”, “2” or “3” in Field 13M1 of IMU5, and the beginning date of eligibility in Field 13M2.
    • NOTE: SLMB can be approved for prior quarter or for the month of application.
  • Complete the IMU5 as for any other type of assistance, except no entry for Title XIX Eligibility Date (Field 13E) or Level of Care (Field 13G) is allowed.
  • Data Processing will generate notice IM-32 (SLMB) to the claimant to provide notice of approval for SLMB and denial of QMB.