0870.000.00 Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLMB1) and Qualifying Individuals (SLMB2)

0870.030.10 SLMB Recipient Is Determined Ineligible at Approval of Another Type of Assistance

When a SLMB recipient is determined ineligible for SLMB at the same time you determine eligibility for another type of assistance, approve the other type of assistance and enter “N” in Field 13M1. No entry is required in Field 13M2. The system will automatically close the SLMB only case with case action code “29C” and reason for closing of “39”. When taking this type of action, remember that regular IM-80 procedure apply.

NOTE: Individuals receiving SLMB group 2 or 3 must be closed prior to approving for another TOA providing Medicaid.