0870.000.00 Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLMB1) and Qualifying Individuals (SLMB2)

0870.030.25 Both SLMB and Another Type of Assistance Close

If a claimant reports a change that establishes ineligibility for both SLMB and another type of assistance, close both cases using regular IMU5 procedures. Additionally, the system requires an entry on “N” in Field 13M1 to close the SLMB case. Failure to make an entry in this field results in the online edit as above.

NOTE: Do not make an entry of “N” in Field 13M1 without redetermining eligibility for SLMB “2”. An entry of “N” effectively closes a SLMB case.

Use IM-80 procedures when taking any adverse action. Field staff must follow IM-33 instructions when closing a case.